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The Red Tent . Women's Sacred Sexuality


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October 20th - 22nd . 2017

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Since ancient times women have gathered together to dream mystical dreams, share wisdom and renew sexual power. Sitting in circle within The Red Tent, they are relieved of their daily responsibilities and cared for by other women. All working and doing aside, together they explore the secrets of the cosmos through the gateway of their wombs. They feed their femininity and emerge refreshed, renewed and empowered by what they have shared and witnessed.

Sisters, it is time to gather together again. We will gather together to dream a potent dream of womanhood. We will be fed by the rich stores of nature; nourished by the fullness of our life's journey.

The Red Tent . Women's Sacred Sexuality
October 20th - 22nd . 2017
Ojai . California
Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast

$850 per person . Meals & Shared Accommodation Included
$650 per person . Meals & Sleeping Bag Accommodation Included

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05/10/2016 Kelley M. A wonderful experience for every woman I went to The Red Tent in Wicklow, Ireland, with a totally open mind, not knowing what to expect...I have never been to a workshop relating to Tantra or anything like it before. I met wonderful, warm and open women and my experience there was like nothing I had ever experienced before, so much love, trust and compassion from every woman. We shared, cried, laughed, danced and ate wonderful food lovingly cooked by Dorene for us.

Personally, my first Red Tent (the first of many) has opened me up to a whole new way of living and loving, and I am now on an exciting journey of restoration and exploration.

I would recommend the Red Tent to any woman of any age who wants to just be herself and heal herself in a wonderful safe space, and Dawn is a truly amazing facilitator and mentor. Senses have awakened for me that I had long forgotten....and they are all positive and motivating!

Any woman could benefit from The Red Tent, I'm only sorry I can't get over to the one in California this summer too!

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