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The Red Tent . Tele-Seminar


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November 8th - December 20th 

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An invitation to explore the feminine journey of Kundalini, one of surrender and allowing, strength and softness, openness and availability. While there are many masculine models and teachings to explain and support the transformation that occurs once Kundalini is ignited, there are few that reveal the feminine journey.

We'll explore the ancient teachings of the feminine Tantric path, discovering new possibilities for love that honor the feminine sexual body, heart and mind. We'll open to a completely new way of living, loving and sustaining pleasure, bonding and commitment in our lives.

Since ancient times women have gathered together to dream mystical dreams, share wisdom and renew sexual power. Sitting in circle within The Red Tent, they explore the secrets of the cosmos through the gateway of their wombs. They feed their femininity and emerge refreshed, renewed and empowered by what they have shared and witnessed.

Sisters, it is time to gather together again.

You are invited to join Tantric visionary Dawn Cartwright, for five weeks of feminine mysteries and sacred delights.

The path of the Kundalini is an inner journey. A meeting of lovers, Shiva intertwined with Shakti. Shiva is awareness, he is the masculine principle, he is consciousness. Shakti is existence, she the feminine principle, she is your body, the world and everything that has or ever will exist. Their lovemaking creates the cosmos. A love affair that is reflected most intensely in our sexuality. 

You will experience . . . 

  • Shakti . You’ll learn internal yoga postures that nourish and enliven your ovaries and womb, the center of your feminine power. You’ll learn Tantric secrets for inner pleasures, igniting Shakti, the fiery love affair that exists within you.
  • Beauty . You'll discover divine beauty rituals and radiant Tantric practices designed to gently awaken your feminine energy, connecting you to your natural sensuality and desire. You'll learn practices that weave together sexuality, love and consciousness, creating a foundation for a divine relationship. 
  • Boundaries . You'll anchor yourself in the potency of clear and certain boundaries. You’ll discover the natural beauty that emerges when you are open and confident in your yes and your no. Your body, heart, and spirit will be nourished and adored, revealing the beauty and sweetness of your essential nature. You’ll discover that Truth is beauty. 
  • Daily Tantra Ritual . You'll explore power of intention and unlock your unique sexual expression and connection through simple beautiful rituals. You'll create a unique daily home practice to cherish and adore the sexual, sensual woman you are every day.
  • Sexual Essence . You'll begin to feel the sanity of your own natural flow, essential to a thriving sexual essence. You'll be cradled in comfort and stillness, nothing to do, nothing to achieve or take care of. Time to rest and restore. You'll be embraced in time and space outside the busy schedules of your daily life. 
  • Women . You'll sink into the softness of womanhood. You’ll connect with women just like you. You'll be nurtured in The Red Tent, surrounded by other women.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel the bond we women share and be fortified by the tender strength of the feminine heart. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed and renewed.
  • Resource . Recordings of all sessions will be provided for your convenience.

The Red Tent . Women's Sacred Sexuality . Online Tele-Seminar
Wednesdays . Nov 8th - Dec 20th . *No Class Nov 22nd & Dec 6th
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm PST What time is The Red Tent in your city?
Space is limited register now to hold your place.
$108 per person

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